‘I am not a princess…I am a…’ is a new project which has the main aim of showing young girls what careers are available to them as they progress to womanhood! It is too often in our childhood that girls are shown images of princesses, whom primary goal is to find their prince… or as modern adaptions has shown us, they have a dream…but it is suddenly interrupted by their need to ‘love’.

The project aims to collect personal drawings from women of all ages who are in a career which is not that of being ‘a princess’. If you would like to contribute to the project, all you have to do is to simply draw a picture of yourself in your career.┬áNow so we get a variety of drawings, you may be progressing towards your dream career and so students, and those who are in the middle of their studies, please contribute!

You can either send your drawing to iamnotaprincessiama@hotmail.co.uk or post on our facebook group and it will be transferred to the site! Thank you!

The drawings can be as simple as you would like, however they are to be uploaded online so as long as this is possible, draw away!

It has not yet been decided whether the drawings will be used in a different format e.g a book, a play, or will remain as this accessible blog for future non-princesses, so please note that by contributing, your drawings and name may be publicly shared!

The simple way to send us your drawings is here:


Either private message or wall post!

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